The global demand on bandwidth has been growing tremendously. The world is already dominated by data usage from computers, smartphones, tablets and various new devices continue to pop up almost daily. Service providers and enterprises are under immense pressure to connect more people with faster and more reliable services while also anticipating future needs.

According to Nielsen, bandwidth increases 10 times every five years. Yet, Vietnamese rate is higher than this average as it is newly emerging market. DZS has been receiving trust among many Vietnamese operators to provide our top level quality products and solutions to meet their customers’ demand.

Vietnamese real estate is booming, especially in term of building industry, including condominiums, apartments, hotels, resorts, universities, campus, etc. DZS has diversified products and solutions for this enterprise market. We are partnering with different ISPs to provide latest technologies to deliver the high-speed internet service to this segment to make every connection matters.

Vietnamese Customers

Thanks to the long-term commitment in the highest quality, DZS Vietnam has been being recognized remarkably in the local market by many well-known leading operators, internet service providers and enterprises. After 5 years, DZS enables high speed internet experience for more than 10% of Vietnamese end-users. Our target is to increase this number up to 50% in the next 5 years with devices and technologies developed by Vietnamese engineers.

International Customers

The company provides a wide array of reliable, cost-effective networking technologies to a diverse customer base that includes more than 1,000 of the world’s most innovative customers in more than 50 countries worldwide.