Who We Look For

We value talented individuals who can take lead on driving innovation, transformation, collaboration and customer satisfaction by bringing in diversity and creativity.

This is your opportunity to join a team where you can truly experience globalized business environments. World-class learning opportunities, mentoring and a flexible work environment – you will find a wealth of opportunities within DASAN that you can plan and develop your own career which you have always imagined. And there are no limits to the opportunities we offer.

With such variety of programs and training available, we offer a world of opportunities. Together, we can make a difference.

Recruitment Process

Review Application

1st Stage: Interview on Expertise and Experience

2nd Stage: Interview on Personality/ Aptitude

Recruitment Notice


HR Policy



A Culture that Acknowledges ‘Competence’ and ‘Performance’
We create a culture that acknowledges only personal competence and performance regardless of age or education.


Opportunities For Everyone And a Progressive Culture
We ensure and support every employee to improve through equal opportunities. We provide with best training and development programs for new opportunities.



A Culture of Personal Development and Teamwork
Our community constantly develops and improves in order to establish a culture of personal development and teamwork.


Job Training

We provide a diverse and tailor-made Human Resource development programs for our employees following individual goals and systematic path in order to foster their job competencies sustainable rather than inflexible instruction and training.

OJT for
New Employees

Job Training

General Training/
Legal Obligations

Core Program for
Talent Pool

Foreign Language


We offer a mixture of benefits to our employees. Our employees can plan a true work and life balance through personal development, stability in their career along with support on hobbies and leisure activities.

Financial Support Program

  • Housing Loan Program
  • Employee Association: Stable Fund Loan Program
  • Financial Support on Child Education
  • Financial Support on Congratulations and Condolences
  • Employee Association: Financial Support on Birthday

Career Development Program

  • Rewards Policy
  • Welfare Point Programs
  • Free Dinner Scheme For the Night Shift
  • Financial Support on Parking
  • Cafeteria and Gym Facility
  • “Happy Lunch Time” Program
  • Run regular “Cheer-up Event”

Leisure Activity Support

  • Recreational Facilities
  • Financial Support for hobbies and activities
  • Run “Family Day”